OVP Tiny House Commercial

A Tiny Solution to a Big Problem

         Oklahoma is home to more than 300,000 veterans and about 400 of them are homeless on any given night. And these are the known homeless that are encountered by service organizations and does not include those that are staying wherever they can find a couch. It is up to the Oklahoma community to solve this crisis and we are going to help. 

         Through research the Oklahoma Veterans Project determined that there is a need for rapid housing solutions for veterans, especially transitioning service-members absent the one size fits all paradigm. Most existing programs place time constraints on healing with the most common being six months. This works for a large percentage of the veteran population but does not quite have the desired impact on a smaller portion of this group. Therefore, the Oklahoma Veterans Project has developed a model in which veterans can progress at their own pace in a combination of short-term and long-term housing solutions. Progress is closely monitored by staff to ensure that the veteran is committed to healing, but time constraints can place crippling pressure on those healing. 

          Our goal is to build a community of tiny homes so that veterans can live at no or reduced cost while getting back on their feet. It can take months for a veteran's application to make its way through the Department of Veteran's Affairs. Our effort is to give them a safe and comfortable environment from which they can launch their pursuit of their version of the American Dream.  

OVP in Action

The Oklahoma Veterans Project working toward the first tiny home

Oklahoma Veterans Project seeking land and support for the tiny home community.

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